Do all life insurance companies test for marijuana?

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American General – 2X/yr not a concern, OK at PBNS; up to 2X/month SNS; more than
2X/mo possible rating and tobacco rates; medicinal use must be documented in APS w/
underlying condition for the Rx and rated for cause
Assurity—Std Smoker, up to 1X/day
Aviva—occasional MJ use, up to 8X/mo, OK in Prfd N/S classes; Rx will depend on cause
AXA—Standard Tobacco for up to 2X/week; more frequent T2; Rx daily use T2 (individual
consideration for better)
Banner – admitted occ use is Std Smkr (including ingestibles); admitted daily use T B;
unadmitted use T B; medicinal Std to T B, depending on frequency
Fidelity—recreational use up to 3X/mo is Std Tob; any use in past 12 mos Std Tob; Rx rated
for cause
Genworth – use 8X/mo is StdSmkr; more than that would be rated, depending on frequency;
>16X/mo is decline; Rx use is not recognized—rated same as non-Rx
ING – PrfdSmoker A25+, w/ use up to 8X/mo; T2 for 8-16X/mo; decline for more frequent; Rx
usually T4, and only allowable w/ chronic pain, epilepsy or MS, plus rate for cause
John Hancock – Standard Smoker; Rx treated no differently and amount of use will determine
Lincoln Benefit—occ use is StdSmkr; medicinal MJ use considered as non-tobacco if
ingested, and not smoked–must be admitted on app and documented and rated for cause–
usually min T4
Lincoln National – Standard Nonsmoker up to 2X a week; Table B for 3-4X, decline for more
than 4X
MetLife – 1X/week non-smoker; up to 3X/week StdSmkr; >3X.week T2 or worse; Rx is
StdSmkr unless cause is rateable
Minnesota Life— occasional/recreational OK at PNS; if HOS+, then smoker T3; daily use
usually a decline; Rx use generally T3
Mutual of Omaha– SNS up to weekly—and HOS reflects same; if more frequent use or HOS
level indicates more frequent, then Smoker rates will apply; Rx will rate for cause, but min T4
Nationwide – Standard Smoker; Rx is rate for cause, then follow SwissRe for Rx MJ
North American—Standard Tobacco; Rx use T4 and up
Principal—Standard Tobacco—recreational or medicinal, frequency plays a factor, and
guideline allows up to 8-10X/mo at Std, >8X/ mo would be rated; daily Rx would more likely
be rated for the impairment more so than the MJ use
Protective—Standard Tobacco; ingestibles tob rates as well
Prudential –For up to 2X/mo, and neg HOS can offer SNS+; for up to 4X/week, can offer N/S
Table B (and don’t have to show negative); for >4X/week they decline; Rx use is rated for
cause—if no other narcotics, can go up to PBNS, depending on cause
RBC Liberty – Standard Smoker
SBLI – typically Standard Smoker to Table 3; for non-smoker consideration, use must be
determined to be extremely rare—once or twice/year; Rx would be rated for cause on smoker
Transamerica – always Smoker rates; if rare and occasional, could be PrfdSmkr


Marijuana Life Insurance

Marijuana use is and has been prevalent in the United States for a very long time. It is the most widely used of all recreational drugs today, and is used by people of all walks of life. Its active chemical, commonly known as THC has been proven to help those with rheumatic diseases, ocular conditions or certain mental illnesses and is a known relaxant.

Whatever your stance is on the use of illegal drugs, it is likely that at some time in your life you have encountered marijuana, and for many it remains a concern when applying for insurance…

Does the use of Marijuana make me ineligible for life insurance?

If you use marijuana, you may be a little concerned about taking the required exam to get term life insurance fearing that if marijuana use is detected, you may be ineligible for coverage.

Fear not.

Marijuana use, by itself is not something that will make you ineligible, but it is something that is tested for.

Of course, the results of the test may come back negative, but the questionnaireS will probably also ask whether you have used any illegal drugs in the past five years.

If the answer is yes, again, you should be able to qualify for life insurance.

If marijuana shows up in your blood test, the chances that you will be able to qualify for the most desirable rating class are somewhat diminished, and if they show up not all at (but you answer “yes” to the question about marijuana use) your chances are diminished somewhat .

Will I get a smoker’s rate if I use or have used marijuana?

Each life insurance company follows different guidelines, but generally, you will not be charged smoker’s rates for life insurance if you have used or are currently using marijuana.

If my life insurance blood tests positive for marijuana use, will this information be reported to law enforcement or the government in any way?

No.  By law, your medical records are protected.

The report will go to the MIB, but you give your consent to this when you fill out the life insurance application.

The MIB stands for Medical Information Bureau, and it is a non-governmental agency which provides services to health and life insurance companies across the U.S.

The information submitted to the MIB is not accessible to the government.

Is there any way to get life insurance without taking a blood test?

Yes!  There is something called No-Exam life insurance which does not require an exam of any kind.

Depending on the amount applied for and whether they require a blood test for that amount they will. The question about drugs is always on the application regardless of amount so if you were to answer honestly (suggested) they would know. In some cases you are simply rated as a smoker. Other companies may decline you. I suggest you work with a broker who knows what to look for in a company.