What to do with Ashes of Loved Ones

Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings

Cremation Ashes & Oil for Paintings is the New Trend

Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings is a brand new memorial concept that turns precious family memories directly into beautiful family heirloom. You are welcome to browse through our ever-growing selection of information about this new trend. Once you have placed your order and sent to us about a teaspoon of your loved-one’s ashes, an Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings artist will add the final, most important, touch to your piece and create a celebration of life about your loved one.

For all Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings paintings, our exclusive Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings painter will mix the ashes into paint and add one last, all-important, accent to the painting you have selected. Each of the Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings you see below are the originals of our  painter whose work is exclusive to Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings. Our artist works prolifically from her  studio in beautiful Austin, Texas creating new, modern art pieces nearly every week. Her works are generally abstract art designed to convey emotions as opposed to precise visual representations, and that quality is what makes them perfect for Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings. The Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings painter’s blend of an active lifestyle, world travels, and happy, healthy spirit give her plenty of fuel to continuously produce paintings that reflect a wide variety of feelings and personalities. The collection of her work featured on this page changes frequently and is varied enough that it is almost certain to always have something suitable for your loved one’s memory.

Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings is not, by any means, limited to keepsake urns and paintings. Just about any work of art — from jewelry to statues — can be configured to include cremation ashes, and such a change can add an immense amount of meaning to a work. Bronze statues and clay pottery can make excellent cremation urns, for example. And fine jewelry can feature a hollow compartment in which a teaspoon or so of a loved-one’s ashes can remain intact forever. All of these products are pieces of fine art in their own right, but they can also be amazing memorial products.

The Concept

The growth of memorial product sales on the Internet in recent years has helped painters and other artists bring their work to market in an amazing variety of memorial items. Today it is possible to find an urn, or even a headstone or casket, to fit just about every taste and personality, and Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings is among the newest of the new products. Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings is an exciting new idea in memorials because it can turn a beautiful conversation piece into, perhaps, the most important item in your home.

The History

Since the inception of the Ashes of Loved Ones Paintings in early 2000, the idea has gained national attention and certainly seems to be generating intrigue. In October 2007, Newsweek Magazine has an article titled “Thinking Outside the Urn” that summarized the more popular and interesting new memorial ideas on the market today. Alongside a number of intriguing new products and services such as diamonds made from cremation ashes and ashes that are laid to rest at sea in biodegradable urns anchored to coral reefs that family members can visit on diving trips.
Ashes Art also was featured at a history museum in Northern California. The museum highlighted the many traditions, both past and present, that societies across the world have followed when honoring their dead.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why an oil painting with ashes?

As a creative alternative/addition to an urn, we at Memories From Ashes believe that by combining your loved one’s crematory ashes (their very essence) into your very own portrait, you create a most-unique, lasting tribute of higher value and quality; only displayed in an exquisite piece of art that will bring joy to you and your family for years to come.

2. What if I have my own frame?

All our pricing is without a frame.

3. How long will this painting last and will it fade?

Since we use only museum quality canvases and paints that are then sealed with a special ultra-violet coating, they will last a lifetime without fading.

4. What if I already have my loved one’s ashes in an urn?

Our paintings only require about 1 teaspoon of ashes. The remaining ashes can remain in the urn or portions scattered in your choice of location.

5. How long will this process take?

Once we receive your ashes your painting will arrive at your door in 3 — 5 weeks.

6. What is your return/refund policy?

The refund policy is that a full refund is available ONLY before the ashes are incorporated into your painting.