The Top Reasons You Need Life Insurance

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Some people question the need for life insurance and while this is a personal decision you should make based on your individual needs, there are some important reasons insurance companies give for why you should carry a quality life insurance policy.  Texas life insurance obtained from Texas State Life Insurance is offered through Americo and on their website they offer some clear and concise reasons for carrying life insurance.  Review the following reasons with your family and financial advisers to determine what is right for you.

The most obvious reason for Texas life insurance is income replacement if you were to pass away.  Most people earn a living as their main source of income to pay their bills.  Getting texas life insurance to cover that income for a few years is the best way to make sure your family is secure.

The next reason is to pay off outstanding debts and long-term obligations.  Texas Life insurance can play a critical role in preparing your family for the worst case scenario.  Bills such as mortgages, car loans, college and medical expenses add up fast and life insurance can take care of these bills in one swoop if the right amount of coverage is purchased.

Another important reason to carry Texas life insurance is for estate planning.  Because of the way texas life insurance works, your beneficiaries should receive funds painlessly and often times tax free.  Your family does not have to feel the burden of figuring out how to handle your bills if life insurance is in place for beneficiaries.

The final reason on this website that many people choose to carry life insurance is to have a means of making a large donation to a charity if you were to pass away.  You can designate some or all of a life insurance policy to a charity you hold dear to your heart.  Even if you were unable to financially make large donations to this charity you can have peace of mind knowing your life insurance policy will handle this.

These are some of the main reasons it’s important to at least look into life insurance quotes for you and your other family members.  Take the time and do your research to ensure you make the best decision based on your particular situation.  You can be confident that it will be well worth your time and effort.

1. You never know.

Dying suddenly — in an accident, by unexpected illness or even of natural causes — can happen at any time. Texas Life insurance helps your loved ones pay the mortgage, bills, even college costs, after you’re gone. It also provides tax-free cash to pay estate and death duties. Nothing can replace you in their hearts, but planning ahead with life insurance can make things easier for those you leave behind.

2. Funerals are expensive.

In some cases, upwards of $7,000 to $10,000 — and we’re not talking about extravagant funeral services. This is the average cost of a burial ceremony that will be faced by your loved ones.  At an already difficult and emotional time, your life insurance can cover these expenses without financial hardship or further stress.

3. Protect those you love.

In your life, you work hard to make sure those you love — spouse, partner, children, family members — are taken care of. It’s just as important to consider providing financial support for the future living costs of surviving dependents. After all, they will have to go on without you. Make sure they’re protected, too.

4. Death shouldn’t mean debt.

Life Insurance can help your dependents cover any financial responsibilities that are left after your death. Debt can be a tremendous burden, on top of the already emotional toll your absence creates in their lives.

5. Anything can happen.

If you develop a serious illness, you may not be able to get life insurance to the extent you need it — or at all. If you have a terminal illness, life insurance can provide you with financial support. Life insurance can also be used in case of emergencies by requesting a withdrawal or loan.

6. Take care of business.

Life Insurance isn’t just for individuals. It can protect a business from financial loss, liabilities or instability in the case of the death of a business owner/partner. Whether providing necessary short-term cash or keeping operations going until things settle, life insurance can be invaluable in maintaining the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

7. Supplement your retirement.

You can use life insurance to make sure your retirement savings lasts as long as you do. An annuity is like a do-it-yourself pension plan — you put an amount of money into a life insurance product and in return you get a guaranteed stream of income month after month, for as long as you live.

8. It makes financial sense.

Life insurance is considered a financial asset, which can help increase your credit and help you to get a loan or health insurance. Many policies have cash value, which even in case of bankruptcy cannot be touched by creditors.

9. Give to charity.

Life Insurance can enable you to leaving a lasting gift to a favorite cause or charity that is much larger than you would otherwise set aside for donation.

10. Peace of mind, plain and simple.

No amount of money can ever replace a person. But more than anything, life insurance can help provide protection for the uncertainties in life.

At Futurity First, our community-based agent representatives can help you find the right insurance solutions. Even if you already have life insurance, it’s important to make sure it’s up-to-date.

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  5. We’re all concerned about the future – the great unknown that holds the promise of dreams fulfilled and struggles overcome. But your family’s financial future shouldn’t be an intangible – it should be something thought out and planned for so that everything you’ve spent your life building can be preserved. Life insurance can help with that.

    What Do I Need Life Insurance For?

    Yet another policy or contract to think about, life insurance can seem like yet another expense eating away at precious income. Often the last thing people want to consider when they’re dealing with their already stretched budgets is purchasing life insurance.

    But life insurance is a way to protect and provide for your family. Maybe you want to ensure that your partner or spouse isn’t saddled with mortgage payments. Maybe you want to be able to offer your children the chance to get a solid education. Maybe your children are older and you want them to be able to carry on your business. Or maybe you want the opportunity to reap the benefits of a life of hard work before you’re too old to enjoy them.

    Whatever your reasons, you can educate yourself about the types of policies out there, and then you should work with an agent to structure the best plan for you.

    Types of Life Insurance

    When we talk about life insurance, there are generally three types of policies to look for and different considerations with each one.

    Universal Life Insurance: A flexible policy that you can structure around your needs and your monthly income. You can adjust the premiums paid per month if your income varies over time. You just have to ensure that you pay enough to keep the policy valid and in effect. There may be a death benefit option that can either increase or reduce the death benefit as needed. This is especially useful if you have young children and want certain levels for lengthy periods of time, but then want to be able to reduce the benefit when your children are grown.
    Term Life Insurance: This kind of policy will maintain a certain premium for a distinct time period, after which you can opt to continue coverage with a premium that increases annually. You might decide that you want life insurance for 15 years with guarantees that your premiums will remain fixed. If you have a fixed budget, this might be especially useful.
    Whole Life Insurance: This offers a guarantee on the death benefit and guaranteed cash value for a guaranteed premium. This is often most expensive kind of life insurance, but may pay dividends (refunds of unneeded premium) that can be used in a variety of ways.

    Any Other Considerations?

    Yes! There are certainly many things to consider when thinking about life insurance. You need to determine how much you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. Rather than thinking of that money as being additional income that must be earned, it’s less burdensome to think about where you might stretch your budget and save a few dollars each month. It’s easier than you think. Cutting down on a latte here, a dinner out there and a couple of pay-per-view movies can add up to significant savings.

  6. All debt is ugly but some debt is simply unavoidable (at least in the earlier part of your life). Let’s take your first house for arguments sake. 99% of us need to go hat in hand to the bank to arrange finance for our first home. The problem is that while we get to live in the house, the bank owns the property. Remember that next time you are enjoying a cold beer on your couch and one of those fluffy bank adverts jump up on your LCD.

    Die before paying your house off and guess what? The bank wants their outstanding money back. You didn’t honour your end of the agreement (paying back the money you owe). If your spouse doesn’t have the cash to settle the bond, the property is repo’ed. No husband, no house and a 9 month old kid. Sounds a lot like one of those reality TV shows (which could actually be called Dummies Who Die Without Life Cover)

    A simple life insurance policy can sort that potential mess out. Life insurance proceeds pay out to your spouse on your passing, she pays off the bank and has a bond free property (one less thing she needs to think about)

  7. Ask anyone if a single person without any dependents should get life insurance and you’ll almost certainly be told no. But like most financial decisions, it isn’t as black and white as that. Sure, if you’re just a single 30-something living alone without kids it would seem like buying term life insurance would be a huge waste. After all, who do you have that you can leave money to? You don’t have a spouse or children that depend on your income, so that isn’t an issue. This is all true, but there’s an interesting fact about life insurance that puts people who wait at a significant disadvantage.

    It all has to do with the cost of premiums and insurability. In the insurance industry, the older and less healthy you are, the more you pay for insurance. When you think about it, this is common sense. Say a 20-year old wants to buy a 30-year term policy. The insurance company knows that the policy will expire when this person is just 50 years old. Statistics show that the chances of this person dying over the course of this term is quite low. Compare that to a 45-year old looking to buy the same 30-year policy. Now, the insured person will be 75 years old before the policy expires. This person has a much greater chance of dying during the length of the policy so the insurance company charges a significantly higher premium since they are assuming greater risk.The same situation plays out in terms of your overall health. At 25 you might be in the best shape of your life and have no major medical conditions that have developed yet. So, an insurance company is likely to insure you since you don’t have any major health issues. Again, after another 10 or 20 years go by you may develop any number of health issues that could make you completely uninsurable. What if you waited a few years until you did get married or have kids only to find out that you now can’t give them the protection they need because you’ve developed a health condition that was completely out of your control?
    Looking at the Numbers

    So, what is the real difference in premium as a typical healthy person ages? I went ahead and ran some quotes for a number of insurers to see what we could come up with. For this I stuck with your standard 30-year level term $500,000 policy at the preferred non-smoking status. Here are the average numbers:

    25 year old 30 year term – $525/year or $15,750 total
    30 year old 30 year term – $550/year or $16,500 total
    40 year old 30 year term – $810/year or $24,300 total
    45 year old 30 year term – $1,420/year or $42,600 total

    As you can see, there isn’t much difference between age 25 and 30. But look what happens when you let ten years slip by and want to buy the policy when you’re 40. The premium is 47% higher, costing you nearly $8,000 more over the term. Just five more years go by and you’ve nearly doubled that premium costing you more than $18,000 extra. It’s obvious to see how purchasing your term life insurance as soon as it’s appropriate to can save you thousands.

    Ever wonder how much term life insurance would cost for you and your family? You can get a free quote.
    So, Should a Single Person Buy Life Insurance?

    Does this mean a single 30-year old guy should rush out and buy life insurance? Not exactly. You really have to look at your situation and lifestyle to see if is something you may end up needing in the future. For example, if you enjoy single life and never want to settle down with a spouse or have a family, there’s probably no need to buy insurance. But if you’re 30 and in a relationship and hope to finally settle down with someone and have a family in a few years you may want to start looking at your options. As you can see, just waiting 5 years to purchase insurance can make a big difference in how much you ultimately pay, so even if you’re covered for a few years while you aren’t married or have children it could still save thousands of dollars. Or, let’s not forget the worst-case scenario, where some health issue may come up in those few years while you wait and suddenly you can’t get insurance at all, or need to pay a premium so high it isn’t even affordable.

    Take a look at your situation and see if it makes sense. If you’re already in a serious relationship and marriage is on the horizon the sooner you pick up coverage, the less you’re going to pay. If you don’t have any prospects of getting married or starting a family, then sure, you may want to spend that money elsewhere. It really depends on you and there’s no right or wrong answer.

    Don’t let life insurance get in the way of your other financial goals when single. If you’re burdened with debt, have student loans, or otherwise need all the cash flow available while you’re single, keep that in mind. It isn’t worth saving money on insurance if it’s going to make it take longer to pay off high-interest debt.
    But What About Beneficiaries?

    If you aren’t married and don’t have kids, what’s the point? Who would you leave the money to? The great thing about life insurance is that you can usually change the beneficiary at any time. So, if you aren’t married yet and still decide to get a policy you can initially put anyone you want down as a beneficiary. Maybe it’s a brother or sister, your parents, another relative, or maybe even your favorite charity. Yes, that’s right, you can list a charity as your life insurance beneficiary. Even if the worst is to happen and you were to die before you do get married or have children you can be sure that your money is going to someone or a cause that you believe in. Then, all you have to do is update your beneficiary once you do decide to get married or have kids. It’s that simple.
    Weigh Your Options

    It still isn’t going to make sense for everyone, but you should at least take into consideration the increase in premium and total cost of a policy if you wait even a few years. Some situations may warrant the purchase of a policy before conventional wisdom says to, and in many cases the savings won’t be worth it if you’re not in a position to take advantage of it. That being said, insurance is a key component of any financial plan so it requires some serious consideration. Keep in mind that the example we used here was just a simple $500,000 policy with someone in excellent health. Once you start talking about higher coverage limits and health issues the cost difference could be very substantial by waiting just a few years and the savings could literally be in the tens of thousands.

    So, if you’re someone who is thinking about the future and has marriage and/or children in the near future, you may want to run some quotes and see what kind of savings could be had by buying a policy early. You may find there’s little or no savings at all, or you could be faced with a decision that could save you thousands of dollars. Either way, it’s always a good idea to take a proactive approach and think about these issues before they happen.

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