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If you are a private pilot, there has never been a better time to pick up some life insurance!

We have worked with many private pilots to help them obtain life insurance without having to pay ridiculous flat extras that many life insurance companies charge private pilots!


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Pilot insurance companies offering full comprehensive life insurance coverage with no aviation exclusions for private and professional pilots.


7 thoughts on “Private Pilot Life Insurance INSTANT ONLINE RATES”

  1. That was once a fast and simple answer. The very best life insurance coverage rates were available simply to probably the most experienced and trained aircraft pilots. To have an air travel pilot life insurance coverage wasn’t any trick whatsoever. On their behalf they may as well happen to be a wonderfully healthy vehicle sales rep.

    Web hosting aircraft pilots life insurance coverage was a little tougher, usually when the pilot was instrument ranked (IFR), had sufficient total hrs to exhibit experience (usually 250 or even more) and sufficient annual hrs to exhibit proficiency (Usually 25-50), they might obtain the best rate class from a number of private aviation life insurance coverage friendly companies. Where an air travel pilot could count of best rate class treatment from just about any company, their junior private pilot buddies needed to search for his or her dinner.

    For any very long time it was so far as the very best rate class would stretch. ING Reliastar considered something close once they stated they’d allow best rate class for IFR or VFR pilot having a flat extra control of 48 cents per 1000 dollars price of insurance. Of course it seemed tempting since $.48 was the littlest flat extra anybody had ever encountered for aviation, however the math didn’t exercise very well. Despite the fact that the flat extra was small, after adding it around the finish result would be a rate which was very frequently a bit more than the usual VFR pilot might get with other companies at their preferred or the second best rate class.

    Lately AXA Equitable leaped because the new visit company for many private aircraft pilots. While Minnesota Existence at their finest rate for IFR is extremely competitive with AXA, Minnesota Existence includes a 50 hour each year minimum. Under 50 hrs would go to a frequent rate along with VFR. AXA goes preferred plus rates for rankings with only 30 hrs each year.

    Another recent large change was an apparent receding between AOPA and Minnesota Existence, a very long time relationship. The brand new affiliate life insurance coverage company for AOPA group insurance coverage is ING Reliastar. I went the rates in the AOPA website and from ING as well as their isn’t any savings for any pilot to undergo AOPA. Actually, with Minnesota Existence and AXA at preferred plus rates for IFR, both of them beat the AOPA/ING group rate as well as for VFR AXA takes the prize.

    Another notable is Minnesota Existence offering preferred plus rates for flight instructor life insurance coverage and John Hancock offering preferred. Teachers have in the past been beat on so these two are great news. Student aircraft pilots could possibly get standard plus rates through Hancock that is just like they’ve been able to perform since Prudential drawn their standard plus rates for college students.

    Main point here. Private pilot life insurance coverage appears to possess been feeling relaxed a little with companies and rates that appear firm. It appears like a great time to step from the ride and purchase the life insurance coverage you’ll need.

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