Private Unemployment Insurance

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Private Unemployment Insurance was designed to provide a monthly cash benefit to help you through periods of unexpected financial hardships.

Membership benefits include Involuntary Unemployment.
Benefits are paid in addition to state benefits you may receive.

There is no long-term contract commitment and you can cancel your membership anytime.

It would take over 7 years of membership payments to equal the benefit payments you would receive if you were involuntarily unemployed.

Many people assume they will get unemployment insurance from their employer however there are certain situations that may call for a worker to get private unemployment insurance coverage. Some feel that the unemployment insurance offered by their employer isn’t satisfying or doesn’t provide a large enough benefit and choose to purchase private unemployment insurance for added protection. Those who are self employed may seek private unemployment insurance to make certain they are protected should something happen laying them off work.

As with any type of insurance policy, the best way to find the best private unemployment insurance plan is by comparing rates. You can easily accomplish this by obtaining free quotes and weighing the benefits of each policy. Most important to consider when choosing a private unemployment insurance plan is the percentage of claims the company pays out. By law, companies must give you this information upon your request. If a company’s payout rate is less than 30% on all claims, consider finding another insurance company that pays out more.

Some insurers refuse to pay unemployment to workers who were fired and not laid off. Choosing private unemployment insurance may help you receive some income if you are fired. If you are concerned that you may be fired and will not qualify your company’s unemployment insurance look for a private unemployment insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage and will pay a benefit should you either be laid off or fired. You may find it difficult to find coverage that will payout if you were fired so take the time to look. Also discover the insurer’s policy regarding quitting as many unemployment insurers will not pay benefits to those who quit or resign from their jobs.

You’ll also need to know the average duration that compensation lasts as well as the average weekly benefit amount. The average weekly benefit amount is the total number of benefits divided by the number of weeks the unemployment benefit has been distributed.

Private unemployment insurance is often combined with other forms of insurance to help protect lost wages from a variety of causes. When considering the best course of action you must determine the factors in your situation and decide how much insurance you can afford as well as how much benefit you’ll need should you lose your job.

If you have difficulty understanding the legalese written in the insurance policy don’t hesitate to bring it to an attorney or have someone look over the policy with you. It’s imperative that you understand everything written in the private unemployment insurance policy and look for any hidden terms or conditions within the policy.

When it comes to employment insurance there are many aspects and factors to take into consideration. In addition to private unemployment insurance many employers are also faced with the decision of purchasing short or long term disability insurance as well as worker’s compensation. Often time private unemployment insurance will pick up where other unemployment policies end. Speak to your insurer about all of the options available to you as you may find that you can bundle some insurance products together and receive a discounted rate. Some private unemployment insurance providers also provide coverage for accident, sickness or disability so discover all of the options available to you.

Compare quotes from different insurers and read the small print so that you have a clear understanding of the exact benefits you’re entitled to receive. Determine what type of proof the insurer needs before they will start your unemployment benefits as well. The benefits of private unemployment insurance should also be compared against your personal savings account. Many find that a personal savings account is a great addition to have in your financial portfolio and can provide maximum benefits if you are fired from your job or suddenly laid off.