Life Insurance Tobacco Dippers

If you’re a chewer or dipper you do not have to pay Tobacco user rates like Smokers. I have a company that will issue you at PREFERRED NON SMOKER RATES. Call me at 512-260-0856 or run Preferred non smoker rates below.

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If you are a chewer or dipper on a daily basis it still is possible to find the best most affordable chewing tobacco life insurance rates. Over the last few years most of the top major life insurance carriers have loosened the restrictions and underwriting guidelines on alternate tobacco use. If you need coverage for your whole life or just a term periods please go to the quote tab and run a rate.
The carriers are still tougher on cigarette smokers but with the above mentioned tobacco habits you can usually get Non Tobacco rates and quotes with a number of the top companies. Make sure you have your insurance agent or life broker/brokerage shop every available company that they carry. There really is a huge difference, some of the carriers really want nothing to do with you if you have any kind of tobacco habit. Then some will definitely underwrite you with not problem. Below you will find a list of some or our top carriers and carriers in the nation that take a little bit more liberal view on chewing tobacco users.