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We specialize in providing life insurance to the private pilot and understand that flying is safe and so we can offer very competitive rates and excellent coverage for Life Insurance for Pilots.


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Oftentimes, private aircraft pilots who purchase life insurance coverage from the non-aviation specialist will finish up not getting coverage for his or her flying or having to pay more with this coverage at another time. Many occasions the non-aviation specialist will pages and use a low-premium and after underwriting, the premium is going to be elevated.

The non-aviation broker and quite a few of insurance providers don’t know how safe flying could be. The typical private pilot flying a personally possessed or leased aircraft for private pleasure and business travel isn’t the “daredevil” that other insurance providers and also the media make sure they are to be. The typical private pilot is an entrepreneur or professional flying just for fun. Private aircraft pilots aren’t taking unknown or crazy risks. They fly just for fun generally in good weather in well-maintained docile aircraft. The typical private pilot is flying to local familiar locations for pleasure taking little if any risk with weather.

Just about all private aircraft pilots fly for pleasure like a hobby. Like a pilot, you realize you’re constantly training. The typical private pilot is definitely an aviation enthusiast who likes using the hangar and flying just for fun. Most private aircraft pilots fly with little if any passenger exposure or passenger distractions. Private aircraft pilots fly just about all plane tickets throughout daylight hrs in good weather.

Proven, well-maintained aircraft with modern equipment and slow, docile landing qualities help properly trained private aircraft pilots make flying an very safe hobby.

Student pilot training is protected and in some cases safer than flying like a private pilot….why pay more for life insurance coverage?

All student training is finished inside a controlled atmosphere. Nearly all student pilot training is finished having a professional Licensed Flight Instructor (CFI) serving as the pilot in control of each flight. Working out aircraft used are usually slow and docile.

All plane tickets are local and preformed in good weather. Student aircraft pilots aren’t flying in one weather pattern into another. Student aircraft pilots spend most of time practicing removing and landing on nice lengthy fashion runways. Student pilot life insurance coverage rates should reflect the safe character of student pilot training.

While the large online life insurance companies that provide instant quotes are great for individuals in great health that do not fly, they can be misleading for pilots.  These “quote engines” are designed to provide automated rates for the masses.  Your quote may not reflect your aviation activity and you could ultimately be rated up for your flying.  Start with a life insurance broker that specializes in aviation.