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You need life insurance to help you deal with life’s unexpected events – not just after you die. That’s why today’s most advanced term life insurance plans will not only meet your specific insurance needs for a fixed amount of time, they can also provide “living benefits” that help you get more out of life.

Living benefits provide cash for events you don’t like to think about when you’re healthy – becoming totally disabled, critically ill or coping with unexpected medical costs.

Alongside the living benefits, the proceeds from your Foresters term life insurance death benefits can help you to cover a wide variety of needs.

Wherever you live, the information you need is only a phone call away.

You can call our North American Service Center and speak in English, French or Spanish with a skilled and knowledgeable Service Representative who has immediate access to your personal details and information about Foresters.

Be assured that Foresters is committed to protecting your privacy. Our Service Representatives follow Foresters privacy policies when dealing with your personal information.

Together with Foresters sales and marketing teams, our Service Center is continually developing new ways to serve you better. Our outbound calling programs aim to build on the strong relationships we share with members to help them plan a better future for themselves and their families.

Service Representatives may sometimes call to support Foresters representatives in ensuring members’ financial needs are met. Periodically, they may call to conduct a brief survey, to highlight campaigns for IRAs (U.S.) or RRSPs (Canada) or to let you know about an upcoming Foresters event that you or your family can share with other Foresters families to make a difference in your community.

Whether you call us, or we call you, together we are building relationships to last.

  • Provide financial security for your partner and children
  • Pay off a mortgage
  • Provide for your children’s education
  • Protect your family’s business interests
  • Provide cash for future investments

Choose a Foresters term life insurance plan with valuable living benefits – so you can get more out of life today.

For 135 years, Foresters has put itsprosperity and financial strength to workfor those who matter most – our members.We do this through affordable life insuranceand annuity products, and the benefits ofmembership.As an eligible member, you can accesscomplimentary benefits, including opportunitiesto develop your personal skills, attend fun familyevents and make a difference in your community.If your final expense coverage needs are greaterthan $10,000, you may also have access to avariety of complimentary life, health and educationbenefits* that go beyond life insurance to helpyou and your family get more out of life. Currentmember benefits can provide valuable assistanceto you in times of need, such as critical orterminal illness.

Flexible insurance coverage
There are three types of plans, one that immediately
provides a full death benefit and two that provide
a limited death benefit in the first two years. Plan
type is based on the answers on the application.

Applying for Foresters Lifefirst level term life
insurance is simple and convenient.3 Just complete
a simple and easy-to-understand application.
Remember, in most cases, the younger and healthier
you are, the lower your insurance premiums. What
better reason is there to apply for your insurance
protection today?
Fits like a glove
Foresters Lifefirst can be a comfortable fit for
anyone that you need to protect. Try it on for size.