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Dallas Life Insurance

Responsible people all over Dallas are purchasing life insurance in Texas. As financial stability starts to sound like more and more of a child’s fairy tale in this nation, smart Texans are doing what it takes to protect the financial security of their loved ones in the case of an unexpected death.

Responsible citizens of all ages know that life insurance can make the difference between your spouse being able to keep the family home and having to suffer the indignity of losing all that you have worked so hard for because of an untimely passing.

Life insurance in Dallas is easier to purchase than ever before. There is a wealth of great term options available, making affordable life insurance accessible to almost anyone. With 10, 15, 20 and even 30 year terms on the market, protecting your family is possible on virtually any income.

Concerned citizens are learning that the younger you are when you start your life insurance policy, the lower the premiums will be. Through a term life insurance policy, you can buy coverage for many times more than what you make for a low monthly premium. In the case of your unexpected death, this policy can help your dependents to pay for your funeral expenses, payoff the mortgage and more.

For young families, purchasing life insurance in Dallas is the smartest decision that you can make. As your children are growing up, you can have peace of mind, knowing that if you should pass away unexpectedly, there will still be money to pay for the mortgage, food, and day to day expenses while still allowing them to have their education paid for. Having this coverage means that losing a parent doesn�t need to change every aspect of your child�s or children�s lives. They can instead focus on grieving and healing rather than on adjusting to a new everything.

For older people life insurance is just as important. With less of an ability to earn wages, making sure that your spouse will be covered financially when you die is the most loving thing that you can do. If you can�t stand the thought of your elderly spouse trying to find a way to earn a living after you are gone, then you simply must provide for them with an insurance policy today. It can mean the difference between them enjoying retirement and suffering financial ruin.

A life insurance plan in Dallas that is rapidly growing in popularity is known as a ROP term life insurance plan. The popularity is the �return of premium� prevision of this policy that will return all of paid premium when you are still alive at the end of the term thus why it is called the ROP term life insurance.

The ROP term life policies tend to be a higher in premium than standard term life insurance would be, but they carry the benefit of refunding you 100% of the amount that you�ve paid in to them with your premiums at the end of the term or return period.

The basic fact is that most people do not know is that only 1% of all Dallas term life insurance policies pay out a death benefit. It is not because the insurance company is not paying the claim but rather most people will out live their term life insurance policies in Texas.

This is good for the insurance company because your money was invested over the time period and interest was paid on your invested premium and when you do not die the company keeps the principle as well as the interest made without having to pay a claim.

Now the people of Dallas have the option of receiving this principle, or paid premium, back at the end of the term were as before all the money was gone and kept by the insurance company. Yes you will have to pay more of a cost for these plans but in the long run if you step outside the box there is no way to invest the difference between the two plans to get the return of receiving all paid premiums over a twenty or thirty year period that you have paid.
Many people have asked how does the insurance company make any money if they give me all my premium back? Well what happens is that the life insurance company takes your monthly premium and invests its over a thirty year period making interest on top of interest over the life of the insurance plan.

This way they made more interest on the higher premium and still did not pay a claim as well as the people of Dallas get their premium back which is a win/win scenario for both parties involved. So if you live in Dallas and are shopping for Life Insurance market it might be worth your while to take a close look at these plans to see if they could fill your needs cost effectively with out leaving you high and dry in the end.

Here are few of the Top Texas Term Life Insurance Providers

Prudential Financial
Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU) is a Fortune Global 5000 and Fortune 500 company whose subsidiaries provide insurance , Investment management, and other financial products and services to both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States and in over 30 other countries. Principal products and services provided include life insurance,annuities,mutual funds, pension, and retirement related investments.

Guardian Life Insurance Company
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (GLICOA) is a Fortune 300 company founded in 1860 in New York, New York. It is the fourth largest mutual life insurance company in the United States of America. Guardian has more than 5000 employees and more than 3,100 financial representatives and 86 agencies nationwide, working through 13 affiliate companies and subsidiaries. Guardian has nearly three million customers who hold the company’s individual life and disability income insurance and investments products (such as variable annuities, mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

Transamerica Life Insurance Co.
Transamerica Corporation is a holding company for various life insurance companies and investment firms doing business primarily in the United States. Transamerica began as a holding company controlled by A. P. Giannini, then head of Bank of America and founder of its predecessor, the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. As part of his vision of providing financial services to the general public, Giannini acquired Occidental Life Insurance Company through Transamerica Corporation in 1930. Occidental had first opened its doors to customers in 1906, and became prominent in the life insurance business on the West Coast.

Protective Life Insurance Company
Protective Life Corporation, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is a Fortune 1000 holding company whose subsidiaries provide financial services through the production, distribution, and administration of insurance and investment products. Protective Life Insurance Company was founded in 1907 by former Alabama Governor William Dorsey Jelks in Birmingham, Alabama. Protective Life is the parent company of a brokerage subsidiary, West Coast Life.

Genworth Life Insurance Company
Genworth Financial is an international financial services organization that offers a portfolio of primarily consumer-focused products through its various companies, including annuities, combination products, investment services, life insurance, long term care insurance, medicare supplement insurance, mortgage insurance, and payment protection insurance. Genworth Financial is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and employs over 6,000 people in 25 different countries. Its earliest roots go back to 1871, when the Life Insurance Company of Virginia wrote its first policy.. The company’s stated goal: “Genworth Financial is dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve their goals in a world of shifting financial burdens.”

Metlife Investors
MetLife Investors Group, a subsidiary of MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET), is dedicated to serving non-proprietary intermediaries and their clients. MetLife is a leading provider of insurance and other financial services to individual and group customers. The MetLife companies serve approximately nine million individual households in the U.S. and companies and institutions with 33 million employees and members. MetLife also has international insurance operations in 12 countries.

Banner Life
The history of Banner Life Insurance Company is more than 60 years strong. Chartered in 1949 as Government Employees Life Insurance Company (GELICO), we were acquired by Legal & General Group Plc as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1981. In 1983, our name was changed to Banner Life, signifying our flagship position with Legal & General America in the United States. Banner Life’s subsidiary, William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York, joined the corporate group in 1989. Since that time, management for both companies has been consolidated at the senior level. Banner Life’s national presence, William Penn’s more than 45 years of brokerage experience and the operational synergy between both companies is a strong combination. Banner’s life insurance products are sold through independent life brokerage agencies in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Midland National
Destined to become a leading insurance company, Midland National Life Insurance Company had a very humble beginning. On a late summer evening in 1906, a group of six men gathered at the Smead Hotel in the city of Lead in the Black Hills of South Dakota and founded Dakota Mutual Life Insurance Company. To capitalize the new company, the directors were required to apply for a $1,000 life insurance policy, and to pay an assessment of $300. Later that month, the company opened its offices in Watertown, South Dakota. Today Midland National has more than $113 billion of life insurance in force, and its life and annuity policies exceed 1 million. Licensed to operate in 49 states (New York is the only exception), the District of Columbia and several areas beyond the United States, the company underwrites individual life insurance and annuities, with a focus on asset accumulation and protection products for the middle-income and affluent markets, via its more than 10,000 licensed sales professionals.

West Coast Life Insurance Company
In 1997, West Coast Life Insurance Company became a member of the Protective Life Insurance Family. West Coast Life added its excellent reputation in the insurance industry amongst the brokerage community and, of course policyholders, to the growing list of the Protective Life family of policyholders.West Coast Life was founded in 1906 and Protective Life in 1907. The two companies have forged the experience of over 200 years in the life insurance business in America. West Coast Life’s history includes more company “firsts” than most other companies can even imagine. And since 1997, West Coast Life has grown to be the crown jewel of the Protective Life Family.

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