Ashes of Pet

ashes of pets
ashes of pets

Pet portraits make the most memorable gifts.
We understand how SPECIAL a pet can be…that’s why
Ashes of Pet
is happy to announce that you can now celebrate the life of your pet(s) with a most-unique, affordable painting. We will take your favorite photo and convert it into your very own Memories from Ashes Portrait. Our paintings allow you to enjoy the beauty of your pet(s) while they are still with you.

If you have that special pet that was cremated, let us incorporate a tsp. of your pet(s)’ ashes (they’re virtually invisible) directly into the portrait, giving you a one-of-a-kind Memorial incorporating the very essence of your pet!

Since this is a custom piece of art you have the ability to choose either the background from your photo or a portrait background. You can even choose the colors of your portrait background according to the room in which it will be displayed.

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There’s nothing nowadays like cherishing our family members or pets as a painting. They take advantage unique and valuable gifts additionally they add the type of warmth that you will never get from the photo. That warmth won’t fill your heart, however your portrait will completely transform the decor of your house! A photograph just can’t do this! We’ll fresh paint your portrait from the high-quality photo or simply e-mail us a obvious, crisp photo.

Additionally, maybe you have considered honoring the existence of the departed family member or pet by providing the finest gift imaginable…”Remembrance?” A Reminiscences From Ashes memorial painting gives mind individuals valued happy reminiscences that you could never lose! Being a lot of people are selecting cremation, we have made the decision to accept cremation process to another logical step: let’s incorporate 1 teaspoon. of the deceased loved-one or pet’s ashes straight into your painting! This method may benefit you within the following ways: 1. Our clients gain in satisfying closure knowing their loved-one or pet’s ashes are incorporated straight into their heirloom. 2. These works of art are true bereavement aides, meaning they ease the grieving process. You have a treasured heirloom of great value!

Our “Celebration of Existence Portraits” happen to be featured on Star99.1 Radio, Funeral Business Consultant Magazine, Precious Pets Magazine, Cat Fancy Magazine simply to title a couple of in our satisfied families and marketers.

We are able to fresh paint a custom “THEME PAINTING,” showing a popular hobby, sport or place they loved to go to!

Some of our works of art (Without Or With ASHES) is going to be stylishly produced around the greatest quality canvas only using the finest offers. Then we, masterfully blend your loved a person’s cremains into this excellent and highly personalized thing of beauty. The ashes are invisible towards the eye but give a special sense of closure for you personally. Your custom thing of beauty will be sealed having a museum quality Ultra violet coating to serve you for a existence time.

Special family packages are for sale to multiple family people because of the truly amazing benefit of this highly personalized artwork. Our special prices on family packages makes them treasures very economical.